About Us:

Convenience meets class 

Founded by George Crichlow, Kynsho was designed to help him live a more flexible life. As an entrepreneur, he often travels between many circles, and as a result found himself thinking more about what he was wearing rather than what he was trying to accomplish. 

George realized that today most accessories aren't designed to be as versatile as the people who wear them.

Kynsho was born out of his desire create convenient, comfortable and classy accessories that are distinct yet understated.  Four months and 40+ prototypes later, the Crossover Cowl was born. 

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Our Name:

What's in a name?

In Zen Buddhism, Kynsho is the first level of awareness to enlightenment. Our name means the continual pursuit of personal progress. 

We believe that at some point in everyone's life we all are driven to pursue a goal. Our role is to help people cease that moment by designing purposeful accessories with smart details and enduring style.

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Our DNA:

Brooklyn Born, Brooklyn Made

Inspired by the people and culture of Brooklyn. Kynsho partners with and supports Brooklyn based manufacturers and New York City vendors. 

We draw inspiration from the evolving tapestry of Brooklyn where ideas and people move freely. The free-thinking ideals shared by hustlers, founders and makers that call Brooklyn home are part of our DNA. Each of our products are designed with them foremost in mind.

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Our Philosophy:

Accessories  should be  purposeful. 

We draw inspiration from those that are aren't defined by the what they wear but how freely they are able to move from one setting to another.  Everything we do and make is in service of designing for these transitional moments to allow people to truly be themselves, no matter the occassion.

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Our Design Principles:

Defined by transitions

Our products are defined by the transitions that people make from one context to another. This process creates infinite possibilities. As cultures converge, these complimentary clashes form the basis for our designs.